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Sorry, but you can't see me. Matthias Apitz
aka guru@Sisis.de

I have been at SOFTCON and Sisis since 1990 doing various things in developing client/server software under UNIX systems. Before this I was a system developer at the University of Leipzig and worked on IBM S/370 main frames, porting UNIX kernel and applications to it, and to PDP-11 clones.

If you have questions about UNIX, TCP/IP, Internet security, firewalls, facsimilie software, ISDN, GSM or GPRS - just ask. You will get my answers in USENET for free -- if you want to hire me, ask my boss or the sales team of my company.

In the picture here you can see me in january of 2002 at the University of La Habana, Cuba -- a nice place to live and study.

Contact? Just send me e-mail to guru@UnixArea.de or call me at +49-89-61308351.